About Us

Magadh Media & Productions is a Media House leveraging wide array of services including Documentary Movies, Short Movies, Music Videos, Comedy, Talent Hunt, Internship, Indoor and Outdoor Shooting and many more.

The idea to learn the art of Movie Creation inspired the foundation of Magadh Media & Productions. The journey started with Documentary Movie Making, further explored new sectors in Media and Entertainment industry.

Since the inception, Magadh Media & Productions is committed to explore new Talents and Skills in every sector of Media and Entertainment industry.

Magadh Media & Productions is not only making Movies and Documentary but also explore new Talents, provide Professional Training and Support, Groom the skill and provide Internship to the Aspirants.

Our Internship Programme is designed to groom the aspirants with providing professional hands on experience.

Photo Gallery

We have a large collection of beautiful photographs, continuously expanding. All the Photos are contributed by our contributors.

All photos are free to use, you are free to use for personal and commercial purpose.

Our Team

Magadh Media & Production is founded by Acharya Pranesh and Neeraj Avinash, backed by strong team of Experts, Photographers and Artists.