What We Do

Magadh Media & Productions is engaged in variety of Videos and Entertainments including Documentary Movies, Movies, Music Videos, Comedy Videos and many more.

We are not only making Movies and Documentary but also provide platform to new Talents, Professional Training and Support, Internship to the Aspirants and more.

Hand on experience plays a vital role in the developing the skill, our Internship Programme is designed to groom the aspirants with providing professional hands on experience.

We believe every individual is special, born with specific skill set. Talent Hunt Programme is designed to provide platform to new Talents by providing them Professional Education, Hands on Experience, Training and Support. These activities empower the Aspirants to help them conquer the world.

Photo Gallery

We have a large collection of beautiful photographs, continuously expanding. All the Photos are contributed by our contributors.

All photos are free to use, you are free to use for personal and commercial purpose.

Movies and Videos

Magadh Media & Productions is engaged in variety of Video and Entertainment including Documentary Movies, Short Movies, Music Videos and many more.